Creative theft (11 Mar 2019)

Occupational hazard of an artist- that idea that others are copying what you’re doing, plucking ideas and creativity from your social media and running with them in their own way. There’s nothing wrong with that, everyone has the freedom to draw or paint whatever they want, you can’t copyright a topic or subject. But where… read the full article »

Wedding Venue Inspired Invitations – James and Sarah at Castle Grove House. (24 Jul 2017)

One of the biggest decisions to make when planning your wedding is deciding on the reception venue. Many couples put a lot of thought into finding the perfect venue that suits them and sets the right tone for their big day. It’s therefore no wonder that my latest clients (and good friends!) James and Sarah,… read the full article »

What is a portrait? (15 Oct 2015)

A “portrait” is defined as “a painting, drawing or photograph of a person that usually only includes the persons head and shoulders… a pictorial representation of a person…” But to me a portrait is so much more than this. It is an inspired, creative collaboration between the artist and the sitter; a unique art-form that… read the full article »

Welcome to my website! (07 Apr 2015)

As an illustrator and fine artist, working through various media of sketching, painting and printing, I draw inspiration from all elements of nature. I believe that there is a beauty in everything around us, especially that which we see everyday but maybe do not take the time to really look at. This love of nature… read the full article »