What is a portrait?

Len Graham and Joe Holmes portrait by Gilly Cullen

I have been thinking about what constitutes a “portrait” and thought I would share my own thoughts with you… A “portrait” is defined as “a painting, drawing or photograph of a person that usually only includes the person’s head and shoulders… a pictorial representation of a person…” But to me a portrait is so much…

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Creative appropriation and other thoughts.

Portrait commissions by Gilly Cullen

The occupational hazard of every artist — the idea that others are copyinf what you are doing, plucking ideas and creativity from social media posts and running with them in their own way. There is nothing wrong with that. Artists have and need the freedom to draw or paint what they want to, the idea…

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Welcome to my website!

Gilly Cullen in the studio

As an illustrator and fine artist, working through various media of sketching, painting and printing, I draw inspiration from all elements of nature. I believe that there is a beauty in everything around us, especially that which we see everyday but maybe do not take the time to really look at. This love of nature…

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