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Gilly Cullen in the studio

As an illustrator and fine artist, working through various media of sketching, painting and printing, I draw inspiration from all elements of nature. I believe that there is a beauty in everything around us, especially that which we see everyday but maybe do not take the time to really look at. This love of nature is a recurrent theme in my work, being both influenced by my deep found respect for the natural environment and through my scientific background as a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, in Environmental Science. It was my love of science which finally brought me back to my love of art, and I think that it is my scientific eye that helps me to become so absorbed in the detail of my pieces!

I create one of a kind family portraits, pet portraits, and wildlife art, and love to capture the spirit and personality of each subject. I work mainly from photographs and so can recreate beautiful and personal images for my clients.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to browse through the website or to contact me – thanks for visiting.


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